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  • If you’ve been following this newsletter for a few months, you’ve probably seen some examples of correlated parlays presented here.
  • For those who aren’t up to speed, a correlated parlay is one in which one leg of the parlay is correlated to the other leg of the parlay.
  • E.g. if…

Good Morning Sports Bettors,

The weekend ended on a lot of amusement with the Patrick Beverley trade: mainly all the memes circulating around about him challenging Steph Curry and how he will get to enjoy the next five years. Give it a look if you need some laughs on the trolling…and the comments section is just as enjoyable.

Today we are discussing:

  • Avoiding Pitfall Bets


  • Almost always, we try to discuss plays that are likely to be profitable, with some logical analysis to back up that claim.
  • In this case, I’d like to point out several plays that are clear traps, meaning that any bet on them is likely to lose almost…

Hello, Sports Bettors!

Happy Friday the 13th! The only thing that’s scary about this newsletter is our mentioning of how much Kawhi Leonard will be making by remaining as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. 4 years/$176.3M

Today we’re discussing:

  • An Extensive Look at NBA Futures + Longshots
  • NBA Summer League News + Betting Analysis
  • Action in the MLB, Bet or Pass?


  • The more I look at the NBA futures markets, it’s incredible how much action is available right now.
  • We can bet on MVP, Rookie of the Year, Most…

Sports betting can trace its illegality directly to the Black Sox scandal of 1919. Baseball, as the National Pastime, had been tainted. The World Series was thrown, and all because of those scoundrel bookmakers. They were evil. They must be stopped. Laws must be passed. …

college basketball betting

There are fully 32 Division I conferences in the NCAA and more than 350 universities that play men’s basketball. It’s almost impossible to find a day during the season when you can’t bet on college basketball.

And of course, college basketball ends with the single biggest event on the sports…

Line Sniper

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